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Presentation Rescue

Looking for instant help with an urgent and pressing presentation problem? Sounds like a job for our presentation rescue team.


Experienced in both presenting and coaching, our specialists are ready and willing to help.  We use the latest communication methods to ensure that you stop “spinning your wheels” and start “getting traction”  as we turn your crisis into an opportunity.

It’s a very simple 4 steps process we take you through:


1. We help you to stop panicking;  helping you get centred and  focused on success

2. We take stock of the situation; collecting all relevant data to help us rapidly assess your situation and determine the best way forward

3. We work with you to ensure that you are ready for the successful delivery of your presentation/speech – we can even provide a stand-in service if required

4. We support you through the actual delivery of your presentation/speech


That’s it – all that’s left is for us to celebrate your success!


Typical Areas We Help With:

· Nerves – a big occasion and catch even the most experienced off guard and cause an attack of nerves.

Using relaxation techniques, breathing exercises, visualisation methods and/or anchoring we know how to help you regain your composure and get any remaining butterflies to get and stay in “formation”

· PowerPoint problems – when what appeared like a simple change suddenly ends up screwing up the whole presentation and the technology won’t cooperate.

We are experts in presentation software and can help get you out of the hole that feels like it’s just getting bigger all the time

· Speaker’s notes – when you’ve made so many changes that you can’t tell what you are supposed to say anymore or when you’ve got bits of your speech in several disorganised places.

With 21 different styles/formats of speaker notes in our “kit bag” we are sure to have an approach and the means of getting there that will work for you in double quite time

· Technical problems – if you can’t get the equipment working it can feel as though the whole presentation is doomed.

With contacts all over the country and experience of many different ways of achieving the same objective we can help you fix or work around your technical issues, helping you quickly regain control of the situation

· What to say – when a great idea doesn’t look so good any more or when you’ve had a last minute change of brief.

Using our unique POWER model we can help get (back) into the zone and focused on winning your audience over – typically this is achieved  in less than an hour


If you need help please telephone us on 07870 971951 for urgent enquiries outside office hours!